Our scarves

Hi! I’m your new Fulardo scarf!

You’ll Love my natural raw materials (silk, linen, wool), original design and color palette, my genesis story.

Nurtured and cared for like a jewel, I’ll be there whenever you need me. My beauty will make you shine.
Please Cherish me.

Olivia, Ben, Martha… I’m there for anyone who desires quality and beauty. I am  a great conversation-starter and the perfect gift!
I will Connect you.

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Meet @ Fulardo

Scarves are not only collector-, but also connectoritems! After all, scarves are worn all over the world and at all ages.

At Fulardo you can share your love for scarves with other fans, and find out more about your favorite garment. Next session: Wednesday October 18.

Discover the Fulardo inspiration sessions


Onze Benjamin: de twilly

(Nederlands) Vraag aan tien personen wat een twilly is; negen weten het niet. Leg aan tien mensen uit wat een…

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Meet Eline De Smedt

Meet Eline De Smedt I live in Rumst, I am the mother of Vinz and ‘plus-mom’ of Nicolas and Xandro. I…

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Know what you’re buying

A Fulardo scarf has a big label … a very big label. It tells you about ‘the making of’ your new acquisition.

You will find information about the design, the raw material and the subsequent operations.

And on our special webpage you can read about the people behind Fulardo.

As you will add your own story, your scarf will become an item to cherish …

… lifelong.