How to wear (4) – 5 tips to shine with your scarf

Ladies in my entourage have on average more than 10 scarves in their wardrobe. They rarely wear most of them. They simply do not know how. They have a few preferred scarves they always tie in the same way. The result is that they always look the same because they do not use their entire collection and they lack creativity in styling.

Yes, you can change this: with five simple tips you are already well on your way to look stylish every day. Read them and remember: the proof of the pudding is in the eating:-)

Tip 1: Choose your scarf before the other items of clothing.

Have you ever done this before? Try it today, and choose a scarf you do not often wear. Scan your wardrobe with this scarf and discover new opportunities: colors that match, patterns that contrast, complementary textures, asking for interpretation …

Tip 2: Combine your scarf with other accessories.

Choose again a scarf you do not often wear and scan your drawers with accessories: belts, jewellery, brooches … Find a match and wear them on a very basic basic outfit, such as your LBD (little black dress) or jeans-with-white shirt.

Tip 4: Around your neck? Drape it elsewhere!

A scarf becomes a belt, a bracelet, a hairband, an ankle strap, a bikini, a top or a skirt in no time … Dare to experiment as if you were a child! If you have doubts about the look: ask your friends for advice, or take a picture in the mirror and see…

Tip 5: Never leave without a scarf.

Always make sure you to have a scarf on hand. Maybe it will get cold outside or you will have to check in for a formal visit. A fun and tested method is to tie your scarf around the handle of your handbag. This way you keep shining with your scarf, even if you do not wear it.

Do you feel eager to fully use the potential of your shawl? Start today and you will

1. get noticed

2. surprise with your looks

3. save money because you need less clothing.

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