Meet Eline De Smedt

Meet Eline De Smedt

I live in Rumst, I am the mother of Vinz and ‘plus-mom’ of Nicolas and Xandro. I studied communication and human resources management at the Thomas More and the Odissee college. My career started in an interim office.  After a few years I became HR consultant in the IT sector. And 4 years ago, I got the chance to create  ‘Build your own business’ completely from scratch. In this project, Syntra, VDAB and ESF are joining forces to give entrepreneurs an optimal start. The successful project was extended. An exciting job, in which I discovered a lot of new things. Do you know what Qi Gong is?

Qi Gong?

You don’t :-).  Well, I did not either. It is a variant of Tai-chi. Qi means energy and Gong ‘work with’, ‘practice’. With a busy professional and family life, I was looking for an activity that would give me harmony, concentration and energy. Someone in my group started as a Qi Gong teacher and I am now his client …


Love. Cherish. Connect …. the values ​of Fulardo and also the name of the first collection. What do those values mean in your professional life, Eline?


Many of the starters I supervise have an incredible love for their product or service. A bit like a lion that cares for her cubs.


Cherishing has an element of time in it. You can not ‘cherish something quickly’. As a starter gives time to his entrepreneurial project, he gets closer to his inner self and his project becomes more and more authentic.


You can’t believe how many interesting people I meet thanks to my job. For example, I had an entrepreneur in my group who wanted to start as a medium. Well, I was one of her first customers. It was a very special experience, during which I had contact with my deceased father and grandmother.

How many scarves do you have?

I estimate that I have about 50 scarves. Unlike most of the respondents in your survey, Tine, the shawls are cleaned up with the rest of the wardrobe every year.

What are you paying to when buying a scarf?

I love multicoloured scarves because I can combine them with many garments. A scarf may also be quite large, and warm for the winter! I do not read the label.

What appeals to you about the pink carré?

The unusual colour combination. I associate the pink colours with warmth and love. They also remind me of South Africa, where I sometimes come. I also like the light and the playful aspect. My preferred figures are the owl and the small birds.

TX Eline!

– January 26, 2018 –

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