Meet Mia Vleminckx

Who is Mia Vleminckx?

Well, I was born and raised in Louvain. In the regional hospital Heilig Hart I gave my first cry. Later, I studied at the economic high school Heverlee. My very first job was situated in Brussels, but I longed for Louvain and returned there very quickly. At LMS and Uti-Maco in Haasrode I had a wonderful time. Afterwards I switched to the company of my husband, where I am responsable for finance, administration and human resources. Recently I have been making more and more time for travelling and photography.

I met my husband Walter in the sports club, and the result of our alliance is three beautiful children.


Love. Cherish. Connect …. the values of Fulardo and also the name of the first collection. What do those values mean in your life, Mia?

Being surrounded by warm people, with positive vibes, that’s all there is to it.

Being very careful with your friends is something very important. Just like confidence, friendship is hard to gain but easy to lose.

Establishing links results from Love & Cherish. An example: I am part of a group of 11 connected ladies. The group was formed around Tina Jans and Hilde Goovaerts and is called De draad van Ariadne. It has a very special mission. The team members use their talents and energy to add social value. Since 10 years they organize a concert in which the proceeds go entirely to charity. For the 10th edition, on January 13, Scala is on the program. The proceeds go to Tander (school for students with behavioural and emotional problems) and Fonds Nadine de Beauffort (breast cancer research at KU Leuven). In addition to a beautiful concert and a nice engagement, we also offer the audience good company: before and after there is ample opportunity to connect.

How many scarves do you have and how does your scarf closet look like?

I guess I have about 50 scarves. I keep them in two drawers: one for the winter and one for the summer. I have found a good method to arrange them: I first fold them into a broad band and then roll them up. I then place all these rolls neatly next to each other. So I have a good overview when opening my drawer. An additional advantage is that you have less wrinkles in your scarf than when you stack them.


What are you paying attention to when buying a scarf?

I very often buy a scarf in combination with another garment, for both festive and daily outfits! I judge the raw material by the hand: the ‘touch’ and the ‘feel’ are the decisive factors when I buy a scarf. For festive occasions I prefer finer textures, for other occasions coarser ones.

You love the pink carré scarf. Which figure from the wonderful world of Lien Geeroms is your favourite?

Well, the design is really impressive. So many beautiful figures, and the common crane bird is  the most beautiful. ‘Mr.’ on one side, ‘Mrs.’ on the other, with the wings completely open … Spread your wings and fly! The common crane bird is also a lucky charm in Asia, which brings a long life and peace ….

Thanks Mia, we hope that the common crane bird will visit all people of good will in 2018. Isn’t that a wonderful wish to conclude our last blog of 2017?

  – December 21, 2017 –

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