Meet Tine Verhelst

Who is Tine Verhelst?

I was born in Ghent and I moved with my family to Louvain at the age of three. I studied economics at KU Leuven and during the first 10 years of my career I was responsible for external contacts and advanced training at UFSAL / KU Brussel. In 1999, I took up a new challenge, as director of the Faculty Clu. That’s where I met Isabel and we cooperated closely on the occasion of  the 575th anniversary of KU Leuven. In 2015 I made a career-switch to Davidsfonds, the largest cultural network in Flanders. Looking back now, I realize the thread in my career is bringing about change to put organizations back on the right track. I love the permanent mix of ratio, hart and gut feeling that change management requires..

My home place is populated by a dear husband, a son and a daughter.


Love. Cherish. Connect …. the values ​​of Fulardo and also the name of the first collection. What do those values ​​mean in your life, Tine?

I associate love with enthusiasm and with warmth.

Nurture … I don’t know why, but it always makes me think of little aspects of life. Moments, such as the simple but oh so nice meal that our hostess prepared for our family during a holiday. Or specific objects, such as a scarf that I got from a beloved person.

Connection is always based upon authenticity. This concerns my relationships, but also when it comes to materials. I love a lot of pure wool, silk, ….


Why are you a scarf addict?

Well, just like Isabel, I got infected by the scarf virus by my mum. She always wore a scarf around the neck or tied to her handbag. As a teenager I painted several silk scarves, more specifically with the technique of guttal glue.  I remember that, when I thought the scarf was finally finished, it still took me an hour to sew the hand-rolled hem.

My scarf purchase is either a ‘coup de foudre’ , or very focused on a certain outfit.


How many scarves do you have and how does your scarf closet look like?

Thank you, this interview was the ideal opportunity to organize my shawl closet again. I counted about 90, and they are neatly arranged in my closet, in two drawers. I also regularly exchange scarves with my mother, and my daughter is now starting to wear them too. That gives the young-look-with-sweater a very special accent.

When do you wear your scarves?

All year round. It gives me a cosy feeling and it keeps me warm around the neck. And I’m not afraid of changing and combining a beautiful scarf with different garments.

What is your favourite Love. Cherish, Connect. scarf?

My favourite is the blue one. Thank you very much for the wonderful gift to seal our friendship, Isabel!

 – December 7, 2017 –

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